COVID-19 policy

We want the best for our community.

And we don't want bars to close, again.

That was awful.

Our Part:

1) Our beertenders will wear a mask whenever someone approaches the bar and when moving around the venue.

2) Our beertenders will clean tables after each use and wipe down the bar after each patron.

3) Our beertenders will sanitize hands after each transaction where we contact a patron's cash or credit card and maintain (as always) a high degree of personal cleanliness while working.

4) Glassware is available upon request but, to limit dishes, we will not provide a glass unless it's requested.

Your Part:

1) Wear a mask whenever you enter the building. 


2) Make sure you stay 6ft. away from other groups whenever you are un-masked.

3) Find a seat and stay there. Let a beertender know when you leave so we can clean the table.

4) Open a tab. You can always close out with cash when you leave but opening a tab minimizes transactions which helps us keep you served faster. 

Thank you for helping us keep our community healthy!



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